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I recently created a special account for Counter Corporations where I’ll be featuring local, independent businesses and companies that I love and support, as well as a variety of products, news, books, and things to inspire us in our anti-corporate journey. Following me on IG will also mean that you’ll never miss another post!

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Disclaimer: I know it sounds hypocritical to use a Facebook product (I.e. large and fairly evil corporation), but I plan on using it for “good” and awareness-building about the issues I care about, so I hope to be forgiven this time.

Deleting your [corporate] social media accounts

This podcast explores the feasibility and methods for deleting your social media accounts and information off the internet, and discusses related privacy and consumer protection issues.

Oh, the irony of us willingly (and dare I say enthusiastically?) providing these companies with the very information and tools they need to make a profit from us.

I’ve personally already deleted my Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, but it makes me wonder if I should also delete my Instagram, WhatsApp (both of which are owned by Facebook, by the way) and Twitter account due to privacy concerns and the fact that they indiscriminately sell our personal information to third parties for a profit.

After listening to this podcast I’m also really glad that I have chosen not to shop via Amazon and other big name stores since they are able to track your shopping history and behavior patterns via customer loyalty programs/cards and purchase history.

While this should be a given, I know that I also need to be reminded to always think before posting (and purchasing).