Why I started this blog

It’s November 29, 2017. Black Friday and Cyber Monday have just passed, and I am patting myself on the back for not buying a single thing! I’m also really frustrated and angry at the current administration along with House and Senate for supporting a tax bill that will significantly cut corporate tax rates while increasing the deficit and disproportionately hurting lower and middle income people. As a result, I tweeted this this morning:


I know, I know, it didn’t get any likes or re-tweets, but it did inspire a conversation with my roommate about whether it would be possible to completely avoid supporting corporations with my spending choices. At first he scoffed at the idea, but then we got to brainstorming and hashed out some concrete ways where one could, with some creativity, extra time/dedication, and a certain amount of privilege, almost actually entirely avoid contributions to corporate coffers.

Therefore, the purpose of this blog is twofold: first, to test whether it’s possible to shop local and minimize, if not altogether eliminate direct purchases of goods and services from large corporations and; second, to pave an alternate way forward and inspire others to do the same.

I hope, too, that this blog can become a community and safe space for like-minded individuals to come together to support and inspire each other, and to share ideas for ways to live counter culture lifestyles. Let us not forget that we are the ones with the power since we are the ones that spend the money that keeps them in business. By joining together, we can change the future.

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